Age and value of my Winchester 1873 44 W.C.F rifle.

Age and value of my Winchester 1873 44 W.C.F rifle.

Could you please tell me the year of manufacture and approximate value of my model in 44 W. Serial number is and has either a “R” or “B” on the end. Kings Improvement Patented March 29, October 16, Thanks so much. Your 3rd Model Sporting Rifle was manufactured late in the year It is a “B” on the end of the serial number. The Cody Firearms Museum records office can for a fee provide you with a Factory letter that will have the exact date it was serialized, received in warehouse from the assembly room , the as built configuration, and the date that it shipped sold. I can see one noticeable flaw the missing chunk of wood on the front left side of the forend stock , which will negatively affect the value. G un V alues B oard.

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Rare Winchester 1st Model. This is a scarce First Model Winchester with a low 4-digit serial number is Date In: (into warehouse).

As with Model , primary difference in model types lies in the dust cover. First Model has no dust cover. Seen between serial number 1 and Second Model has a dust cover, with guide rail attached to receiver with two screws. On early Second Model, an oval finger guide is stamped on top of dust cover; while later models have a serrated finger guide along rear edge of dust cover.

Second Models range from serial numbers to Folding rear sight is graduated in meters instead of yards. Proceed with caution. Dust cover guide rail on Third Model is integrally machined as part of receiver, with serrated rear edge on dust cover. Third Model will be seen from serial numbers to Winchester’s Model , sometimes referred to as Centennial Model, was company’s response to the public’s demand for a repeater rifle capable of handling larger and more potent calibers.

Many single-shot rifles were available at this time to shoot more powerful cartridges.


This brief introduction to the subject covers Winchester lever action rifles from the New Haven Arms Henry rifle to current Winchester Herstal Group production centerfire rifles. It is certainly not a definitive history, as that would require a very large tome and such books have already been written by people more knowledgeable than I. To provide a bit of back story, in the little known Volcanic Arms Co.

Volcanic manufactured lever action repeating pistols, and a few rifles based on the same action, for primitive self contained cartridges.

The upper tang is stamped MODEL 92/-WINCHESTER-/TRADE MARK REG. Date Added: Jan 9th WINCHESTER MODEL SRC – Z Date.

Growing up in rural central Kansas, I have been associated with firearms all my life. Beginning with a lever action BB gun, shooting and hunting have been a life long hobby. Collecting lever action Winchester rifles began in , when after selling my microscope from medical school, I bought a Model Winchester produced , Model s from until the clean up in the s. The last gun was shipped to Abercrombie and Fitch of New York in The Model was the first reliable center fire rifle. The iron and latter steel frame was stronger and lighter that the brass The 44 Winchester center fire 44 W.

Model s were offered in three versions.

Winchester Model 1873 .38 caliber carbine

All model ‘s manufactured after serial number are considered modern and are subject to all the BATF Federal guide lines including back ground checks. There were over , Model Winchester ‘s manufactured. The longest barrel length known on a Model is 37 inches. The shortest known barrel length on a Model is 12 inches. The standard length for a Model Rifle is 24 inches Special order barrels were made from 26 — 28 34 inches.

Winchester Model of Sporting Rifle The serial number of this example is XX placing date of manufacture in This is a late First Model.

In the model 70s out there are unfired! My 30, a bolt-action rifle. Henry rifles. Yesterday 12 ga. Yesterday slide action rifles and the pre january 1 and shotguns was added to be advised. Dating winchester ranger semi-auto shotgun, , that uses the american rifle. Dating winchester


Login name. Remember me. Minimum search word length is 3 characters – maximum search word length is 84 characters. I have a very fine made in with a “B” stamped after the serial number on the bottom tank. Is there any way I can determine when the Company installed the new barrel? What indications do you see that it has a new barrel?

WINCHESTER MODEL RIFLE – Z SKU: Z The upper tang is engraved “MODEL “. Condition: Date Added: Jan 9th $1,

Smith firearms using the original factory records held by the Center. Factory letters are available to all individuals for a fee based on membership status and are typically mailed four weeks from payment receipt. Quick serial number searches are a Center Firearms Member benefit and are typically e-mailed within 24 hours of request. Will your firearm letter? Click the links below for lists of available models and serial numbers:.

This video was produced in The Winchester Serial Number Application ledgers record the date serial numbers were applied to firearm components at the beginning of the manufacturing process. The SNA ledgers start in the mids and continue into the s. Not all models and serial number ranges have SNAs available. Winchesters manufactured after may only have SNA records. Buffalo Bill Center of the West Firearms Members receive free or discounted factory letters as well as some complimentary serial number searches.

Member benefit serial number searches do not carry over from member year to member year.

Winchester Model 1873

Your browser is out of date and may not be able to properly display our website. It appears that you are accessing the Browning Website from outside North America. Would you like to visit Browning International? Below is the download link for a special resource for dating Winchester firearms. These pages were scanned from documents compiled over the years by the customer service department of Winchester Repeating Arms. None of the page scans are of original documents but are simply transcribed information typed into a word processing program.

There were over , Model Winchester ‘s manufactured. What is the age and value of a Winchester model 94AE serial number.

Winchester rifle is usually used to refer to the lever-action rifles manufactured by the Winchester Repeating Arms Company , though the company has also manufactured many rifles of other action types. Winchester rifles were among the earliest repeating rifles ; the Winchester repeater was incredibly popular and is colloquially known as “The Gun that Won the West” for its predominant role in the hands of Western settlers. In , inventor Walter Hunt of New York patented his “Volition Repeating Rifle” incorporating a tubular magazine, which was operated by two levers and complex linkages.

The Hunt rifle fired what he called the ” Rocket Ball ,” an early form of caseless ammunition in which the powder charge was contained in the bullet’s hollow base. Smith made several improvements to the Jennings design, and in Smith and Wesson together with several investors formed a corporation, the Volcanic Repeating Arms Company , to manufacture Smith’s modification of the Hunt-Jennings, the Volcanic lever-action pistol and rifle. Its largest stockholder was Oliver Winchester.

For the Volcanic rifle, Smith added a primer charge to Hunt’s “Rocket Ball” and thus created one of the first fixed metallic cartridges which incorporated bullet, primer and powder in one self-contained unit. While still with the company Smith went a step further and added a cylindrical copper case to hold the bullet and powder with the primer in the case rim, thus creating one of the most significant inventions in firearms history, the metallic rimfire cartridge.

The Volcanic rifle had only limited success, which was in part attributable to the design and poor performance of the Hunt-derived Volcanic cartridge: a hollow conical ball filled with black powder and sealed by a cork primer. Although the Volcanic’s repeater design far outpaced the rival technology, the unsatisfactory power and reliability of the. Volcanic moved to New Haven in , but by the end of that year became insolvent.

Oliver Winchester purchased the bankrupt firm’s assets from the remaining stockholders, and reorganized it as the New Haven Arms Company in April Benjamin Henry continued to work with Smith’s cartridge concept, and perfected the much larger, more powerful. Henry also supervised the redesign of the rifle to use the new ammunition, retaining only the general form of the breech mechanism and the tubular magazine.

The 8 Greatest Lever Guns Ever

The Winchester Model is an American lever-action repeating rifle produced from to by the Winchester Repeating Arms Company. The first iteration of the Winchester rifle , the Model was a refinement of the Henry rifle ; nicknamed the Yellowboy because of its distinctively-colored golden receiver, the rifle was an instant success and had a long production run of about thirty years. After Oliver Winchester purchased the assets of the bankrupt Volcanic Repeating Arms Company , renamed it the New Haven Arms Company and assumed complete ownership of said company, the company received some orders to revise and improve the Henry rifle which was also manufactured by said company , which was a revolutionary rifle but not without its faults.

As such, a new rifle was envisioned; this rifle became the Model The Model was first marketed in ; the rifle was an instant success, with approximately , manufactured during its production life. The rifle remained in production until , despite the Model and having already been marketed and sold by that time.

Dates of Manufacture* for: Winchester Model Winchester Lever Action Repeating Firearms: The Models of , & by Arthur Pirkle. Buy now​.

Email address:. Remember Me. Remind the password. More Info. This is an original antique Winchester Rifle — Model and bears serial numbered B Manufactured in The barrel measures approx. This is a rare original antique Winchester Rifle — Model and bears serial numbered B Manufactured in The barrel measures approx. The Winchester was the most popular lever-action center-fire rifle that Winchester ever produced. Winchester Rifle —.

Approximately , Winchester Model guns were manufactured, starting in As a result, the brass frame of the Model was upgraded to a stronger steel frame. The production is broken into three main categories: first, second and third model. One thing that makes collecting Winchester guns interesting is that variations tend to be introduced over a transitional period, rather than at a specific start and stop date.

Shooting the Model 1873 Short Rifle from Winchester Repeating Arms – 181

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